Manu Il Gelato Italiano Review – Geneva, Switzerland


Manu il Gelato Italiano

Melon, Mango and Strawberry Sorbet

Whilst I visited Geneva last summer, my cousin introduced me to this ice cream parlour called Manu Il Gelato Italiano and I was not disappointed. If you happen to be in Geneva or if you are planning to go this coming summer, I would highly recommend that you check this place out as they have something for everyone.


Rue des Paquis 15, Geneva 1201, Switzerland



Award-Winning Manu’s ice creams and sorbets are free from chemicals and additives. They are made with locally sourced and mostly organic ingredients which is perfect for those of us that try to remain healthy whilst on holiday. Their ice cream flavours have taken Geneva by storm as they were crowned the premier champion Suisse de glaces artisanales 2015 and also received a Certificate of Excellence 2016 from Tripadvisor.


My experience:

The staff were really friendly and always willing to help; when we were unsure about what flavours to pick they would give us a little sample to taste. The ice cream and sorbet scoops are very generous, you get way more than you actually pay for. One of their core values is to always make their customers smile and they did just that.

I ended up choosing the strawberry and melon sorbet. I was amazed at how velvety and creamy their sorbets were. Sometimes I find that sorbets can taste sharp but Manu’s sorbets melted smoothly on the tongue.

It was my first time trying the melon sorbet and I was very much impressed with it. The melon sorbet was ripe and sweet with bits of frozen melon inside. I’m usually not a big fan of anything with bits but this was truly pleasurable. Manu’s treats were a perfect summer dessert.

They had something for everyone. The sorbets are non-dairy, egg-free and it’s vegan-friendly. (Yaaaaaaay!!!!)


List of Flavours:

Ice cream: vanilla, chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, coffee, caramel, cinnamon,  biscuit, chocolate biscuit, coconut, hazelnut, pistachio, yogurt, mint, nutella, Italian cream, rum & raisin, mascarpone & fig, ricotta & fig, Sicilian cassata, and sabayon.

Sorbet: strawberry,  raspberry, apricot, orange banana, chocolate, red fruit, passion fruit, lemon, mango, melon and grapefruit.


Be sure to check them out on Facebook and Manu il Gelato Italiano

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