Best Kept Health Secret ???


Water is the most abundant molecule in the human body making up on average 70%-80% of the body content. It is a known fact that humans are water beings, as babies we spend our first 9 months in the womb incased in water. At birth babies are at home in water and they know to instinctively hold their breath and swim when the head is submerged. The very atmosphere we breathe is as less dense form of water making earth similar to a giant fish bowl and humans aquatic beings. Approximately our muscles are 75% water, our blood is 82% water, our lungs are 90% water, the brain & heart are 76% water and our bones are 25% water. Any more than 3 days without water and you run the risk of death. It is evident our body is a great water system & water is an essential element to all life on earth. It is pivotal; how you think, feel & function in your day to day life is largely dependent on how hydrated your body is. However in today’s age our society is facing a great dehydration epidemic unbeknownst to many, most people are dehydrated and don’t even know it! The majority simply do not consume enough water to maintain optimum health and this is largely because of lack of proper education & ignorance on the functioning of our bodies. So what role exactly does water play in our amazing bodies???

  • Water is used to carry hormones, antibodies, oxygen and nutrition around the body via blood stream and lymphatic system.
  • It is a medium that enables the body to maintain homeostasis, a variety metabolic functions & chemical reactions.
  • It aids in muscle and blood cell productions
  • It provides lubrication for eyes, joints and spinal cord
  • Used in regulating body temperature.

It is advised we consume around 1.5-2litres of water daily to facilitate all our needs. I can appreciate this may seem like a lot to most however the windfall in benefits may sway you or at the very least encourage you to make an effort to consume as much as possible. The best time to have your water is first thing in the morning whilst your stomach is empty. This is when your body is most in need and benefits from water. During sleep our bodies lose around 1litre in liquids through breathing, sweating & metabolic functioning so by the time you wake up you are dehydrated and need to refuel. Furthermore during the day, a further 1.5litres is lost through urine and the passing of faeces, so replenishing the body’s water is essential. Personally I drink 700ml of warm lemon water cinnamon & raw honey at least an hour before consuming any solid food & a further litre of ionised copper water during the day. This helps awaken your organs without shocking the system – the lemon, cinnamon & honey helps alkaline the water, cleanse the system & blood whilst hydrating you at the same time. I have also found it to significantly reduce my appetite which would obviously aid in weight maintenance. If you can’t get your hands on the ingredients don’t fret just warm non fluoridated water in the morning goes a long way. Here are some of the benefits to drinking water first thing in the morning;

  • Increased oxygen flow to brain and muscle.
  • Balances lymph’s system & hydrates your skins for more clearer & glowing look
  • Flushes out toxins allowing for increased nutrition absorption for when you eventually do eat
  • Increases efficiency of kidneys & colon function
  • Makes bowel movement more comfortable & helps prevent constipation
  • Reduce appetite


So what if you didn’t drink enough water??? What difference does it really make?? Well the first obvious reaction is that you become dehydrated. Which sounds like a loosely used term that doesn’t get enough attention in my opinion but what does it mean for your body? Well the initial signs of dehydration are; dry mouth, darker urine as your body draws in more liquid in the attempts to conserve as much as possible. Some people experience light headedness, migraines & cognitive impairment. Additionally because the brain is more than 75% water, brain tissue actually begins to shrink, which may be the root cause of previously stated effects. Studies show that the same task performed by dehydrated people requires more brain power & oxygen as opposed to hydrated people. Dehydrated people also showed significantly decreased reaction time as compared to hydrated individuals. Long term or chronic dehydration individuals exhibited signs of delirium, significantly reduced circulation to extremities & reduced organ functioning. In a nut shell here are some of the disadvantages to lack of water…

  • Increases fatigue with the recipient becoming slow or sluggish
  • Constipation
  • Increases risk of disease such as kidney stones, diabetes, obesity, stroke & anaemia
  • More potent body & urine odour as toxin concentration rises
  • Reduces brain functioning
  • Fowl moods swings

In my opinion water is fundamental, an inexpensive yet paramount substance that cannot be replaced when it comes to health. There can be no health without regular consumption of water. In this day and age sure it may be bland and not be as exciting as the variety of soft drinks but it stands alone & unparalled in terms of; availability, cost & benefits. If you are fortunate enough to have access to regular, clean non fluoridated water then by all means do yourself & your body a favour. Drink more water!


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